Scotland 5

Today we have had a simply beautiful day, wonderful scenery and brilliant light.

We decided to go to the Ardnamurchan Peninsula to look for a very rare American Black Duck which had been sighted near Salen, but not by us. I’m not a birder myself but my friends are. Anyway the scenery was gorgeous


and there were some interesting photo opportunities


along the way. Older readers may also recognise these


which are what used to hold up the telephone lines. I remember when the whole of the UK was crisscrossed by lines on poles like that.

On the way we stopped and saw a Great Northern Diver, a bird I have long hoped to see. When we stopped for coffee on Glen Borrowdale a Golden Eagle floated up from the ridge and flew slowly above us, a real treat.

Then we went on to Ardnamurchan Point, the most westerly point in the UK, where we had wonderful views of the Cuillin mountains of Mull and the lighthouse at the end of the world.


On the way back we were entertained by three more Golden Eagles plus one Sea Eagle who put on a real show for us.

We returned by a circuitous route through some astonishingly wonderful scenery for food shopping on Fort William and home.

The driving today was intense, so much concentration needed on roads that were up and down and constant corners; and mostly single track. I’ll sleep very well tonight!

Eagle count so far this week is currently at eight.

11 March 2014

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