Vacances en France 2014 – day 4

Another beautiful morning and we were soon heading south again on the A75; I must say that this is a fabulous road to drive on and it has some amazing scenery to go with it.

Our first stop was at the viewing point for the Millau Viaduct. This Norman Foster designed bridge is quite simply wonderful as it flies two and a half kilometres across and way above the River Lot.


The viewing area has a fine view point and also has an audio visual area with lots of interesting information about the building of the bridge as well as the Aveyron department. The film, about ten minutes, of the whole construction cycle is amazing. Highly recommended.

From there we drove on to St-Guilhem-le- Desert, where I ended my walk last autumn. It was great yo be back and we had driven through some awesome scenery to get there.


It had turned into a really hot day do the locals in St Guilhem were taking things easy.


A local tradition is to nail the flower of the Cardabelle to your front door for luck.


This is a type of thistle and is now an endangered and protected species. But as it’s traditional in this village to nail one to your door this is ‘tolerated’. That’s the French for you.

After letting Mrs Sixwheeler loose on a few shops we needed feeding and each ordered what was probably the biggest salad either of us has ever seen.


That plate was well over one foot across! But it was delicious and I’m sure gave me my ‘five a day’ in one meal.

On the way back to the car we stopped to have a look at the abbey and the beautiful organ I had the opportunity to inspect and explore with the repairers on my last visit here.


Then it was back to the car and off to Montpellier in heat that was well up into the mid twenties. SatNav did a really unbelievable job of delivering us to the hotel which is set in a maze of small one way streets.

We went straight into the city on the tram; at least we set off but there was a technical problem with the whole tram system so after one stop we all got off and walked! A real bugger. We went for a beer on the Esplanade Charles de Gaulle


and then walked back to the hotel.

Another really good day but we’re glad there’s no more driving until next week.

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