Vacances en France 2014 – day 6

We are amused by the view from our bedroom window


which is actually another trompe l’oeil. Look at the edge just by the shutter and you can see the join. Beyond this we have a typical view over a southern French city’s rooftops.


As today is Sunday practically everything is closed. We’ve decided that taking breaks in French cities Monday to Friday sounds like a good idea. Anyway we made a lazy progress to the Place de la Comédie for a coffee and to listen to a “gypsy” band playing. It was very quiet so I was able to enjoy looking up at the wonderful buildings without the usual jostle.



And to walk along and look at Anthoine’s Three Graces (plus one).


And a pigeon too.

They had an open day at the Opera Comédie with exhibitions and talks on music, make up and costume. We enjoyed the architecture with a beautifully painted ceiling


and a very imposing staircase.


There’s Mrs Sixwheeler again.

On the way back to the hotel we saw this street that has rather charmingly individually painted all the most parking bollards.


Tomorrow I shall hopefully be “sur le pont d’Avignon”, I may burst into song. People of Avignon you have been warned.

11 May 2014

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