Vacances en France – day 11

Today we made it home safely at the end of our fabulous holiday in France. A lot of driving and a short trip on Eurotunnel


and we were safely home. Unloaded the car, collected a very over excited Maude (who has a cough) and this as a celebration.


It’s good to be home.

16 May 2014

3 thoughts on “Vacances en France – day 11

  1. You are so brave driving a right-hand drive car in France. Pretty sure that would do my head in.

    Great trip – full of highlights (I must have missed these posts when you went)

    • Oh goodness, you’ve been reading my back catalogue. How brave! What a fabulous time we had on that trip. When we meet I’ll probably bote you rigid with my life story but having worked in the truck industry I boast, probably correctly, that I can drive anything, anywhere!

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