365 Project – Day 194

Yesterday way busy. Junior Sister-in-Law has just had hip surgery and so we collected her to spend a few days R&R with us. Did I mention that she’s a great cook?

Awoke this morning to a fragrant cooking smell wafting up from the kitchen. The Sisters (there are three of them, like Scene 1 of Macbeth) are from the Isles of Scilly and know a thing or two about pasties; they don’t call them Cornish, Cornwall is overseas. Anyway I had two of The Sisters hard at work with pastry, meat and vegetables, this was the outcome.


Just so you know, these are proper pasties, about ten inches from tip to tip and two inches deep in the middle; fighting stuff! Oh and there was enough pastry left over for a few each lemon curd and jam tarts. All were delicious.

13 July 2014

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