365 Project – Day 243


Comma Butterfly.

Following an unseasonable break in the weather with colder conditions and lots of rain, it’s stopped. Today the sun has come out and it has warmed up beautifully and we have been able to sit out in the garden again. Looking round there has been a great deal of butterfly activity the best of which was this colourful comma butterfly, one of several. We also still have plenty of bees working hard and I have seen damsel flies and dragonflies as well.

31 August 2014

3 thoughts on “365 Project – Day 243

    • I loved it too, before I started doing it! Actually the discipline has been really good looking for a photo every day; but it can be so frustrating too. I love it when I’m traveling as I know I will get shots but when it’s been raining for a fortnight it can be a trial. I will be glad when it’s over but will also miss it, I’m going to have a poster printed of some of the best as a memento.

      I’ve got another project in mind for next year, must be mad!

      • You’ll miss it really. I’ll keep an eye out for your next project. I’m still getting used to the blogging thing, so can’t imagine putting something up every day.

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