Stevenson’s Way 4 September

It’s been all a bit much, car from Bath to Gatwick, plane from Gatwick to Lyon airport, tram from Lyon airport to Lyon city centre, train from Lyon to Firminy, bus from Firminy to Le Puy then walked to my hotel. PHEW!

To make matters worse the bus should have been a train but they have massive track work going on. At Firminy there were two buses for Le Puy and they tried to get us all on one bus that would stop at all stations in between and denied that there would be a direct bus. In the event there were too many for one bus so the reluctantly agreed to ru one stopper and one direct so all change. In the end it saved me nearly an hour but they could have said from the outset.
Here’s Firminy station with weeds growing up between the tracks.


4 September 2014

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