365 Project – Day 270


Anser anser.

A goose which I believe to be anser anser more commonly known as the Greylag Goose; I hope I’ve got it right as I know little about geese but I have friends who I’m sure will put me right. The Greylag is the heaviest of the grey geese and the ancestor of all domestic geese.

I don’t really like geese much; I was attacked by one as a small boy and I hold grudges!

27 September 2014

3 thoughts on “365 Project – Day 270

    • Yes indeed they do, as do guinea fowl. Geese are noisy and aggressive, guinea fowl are just noisy. An aggressive goose had seized me by my short trousers and wouldn’t let go, so my friend Colin hit it on the head with a shovel. It did then!

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