365 Project – Day 333


Life in Bath.

As I have mentioned, Bath is a very Georgian city. What is not generally known though is that visitors are welcome to come and go as they please, as residents we are subject to certain regulations.

Dress for example is strictly controlled; ladies are expected to wear a bonnet, gloves and a bustle (think Jane Austen); gentlemen wear regimental uniform formally, in my case No 1 dress uniform of the Third Foot and Mouth, less formally boots, breeches and frock coat.

For transport on short journeys we use a Sedan Chair or for greater distances a carriage such as the one in the picture. It’s a charming city.

30 November 2014

One thought on “365 Project – Day 333

  1. Haha! They would take up a lot of space in the Park and Ride. I hope the horses don’t get restless :)

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