365 Project – Day 347


Bath Bun.

If ever you visit the city of Bath, and you should, one thing you should try is the world famous Bath Bun. This one was from Sally Lunn’s, one of the oldest eating houses in Bath, where the original Bath Bun was created in Georgian times. I am happy to report that this one was delicious.

14 December 2014

3 thoughts on “365 Project – Day 347

    • I’m afraid I’m a technological dunderhead who can’t seem to attach the link here but type Bath Bun into Wikipedia and all will be revealed. I’m toying with the idea of a “Bun of the Week” blog next year, would make a change from doors. All buns are good!

      • Oooh, yum! I never think to look up things like on Wikipedia…but it’s always there! Thanks

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