365 Project – Day 351


More where we walk.

Following yesterday’s post here’s another of where we walk, this one is specially for my friend and fellow walker in Australia – yes you Melinda.

This one is on the Cotswold Way on the way towards Kelston Tump (see also Day 343) which can be seen on the top of the hill in the distance although it’s not much to look at at this time of year.

To get here we walk up through Weston village and then follow a farm road up a breathtakingly steep hill to Pendean Farm before picking up the Way. This is a pretty walk through working farmland which is always interesting but the main advantage is that it is usually not too muddy (on this section at least) which is welcome at the moment.

18 December 2014

3 thoughts on “365 Project – Day 351

  1. You’re killing me! If there is a bluebell wood nearby, just don’t tell me please!

      • Wild garlic, we have lots of here too – very hardy and a good unkillable plant to have in the garden. No bluebells though in sub-tropical Queensland and I have always wanted to walk through a bluebell wood! (Another one of those calendar photos courtesy of my mother-in-law)

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