365 Project – Day 353


It Must Be Nearly Christmas.

The last Saturday before Christmas saw us ‘up with the cock’ and on the bus into Bath. First to Green Park Market, our wonderful Farmers Market, for some bread from my favourite baker. Then on for an early Christmas present; Mrs Sixwheeler had booked me into a Gentlemen’s Hairdresser to have my beard trimmed! It had got a bit bushy and untidy but is much smarter now, thank you Mrs S. When she made the booking they asked if I wanted my hair trimmed as well but she said not to bother as there wasn’t enough to bother with. Harsh but fair.

After a quick coffee at the Society Café, always very good, we carried on for last minute shopping and I soon heard music. You may have read here before that I’m not over impressed with some of Bath’s buskers but this was brass band and good; it was if course the Salvation Army keeping shoppers spirits up and raising lots of money. Even better was to come as further up the road the Massed Santas of Dorothy House, our local hospice, were singing to a good brass section; that’s them in the picture.

We managed to get home before the town centre got too crowded so it had been a really nice trip into town and even the shopping went well.

20. December 2014

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