365 Project – Day 364


Old Cottage, Weston Village.

I’ve been meaning to take a picture of this cottage for some time and have been waiting for a nice bright day to do it. I don’t know the history of the cottage but it looks old and cosy and is almost Hobbit like in the way that it grows out of the bank.

Happy New Year everyone, one more day to go on this project but please keep following The Sixwheeler Chronicles to see what I do next.

31 December 2014

On the last day of the year I had expected to be at Day 365 not 364, I’ve checked the numbering and can’t see where I’ve missed one so Day 365 tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “365 Project – Day 364

  1. That’s gorgeous! I could get used to coming home there each day :
    Happy New Year Richard! May 2015 bring lots of good things!!

    • Thank you kindly, I’m glad it’s over yet miss it at the same time. Don’t want to tie myself into anything specific at present – I’m sure that you will understand that – but want to blog on a more random basis.

      When are we going to be seeing you blogging again, the world is waiting to hear from you???

      Happy New Year to you and yours. Richard

      • It’s been a strange and overwhelming rentrée. I still feel like I live two parallel lives and can’t quite figure out how to make them intersect. I’m headed back to Paris in February to see if I can shore up some editing / writing work; meanwhile I am interviewing in Colorado for, of all things, the escoffier culinary school . Hoping they give this newly minted 50-year-old, a spot on the course with the 20-something set. Would be a good blog and a dream come true. I really miss writing and need to get back to it. Thanks for the continued encouragement, and looking forward to continuing to read your words.

      • That cookery course sounds wonderful, life begins at 50, and those 20 year olds will love you. I’m really very envious! Hope you soon get your mojo back, it’s something I now fully understand, something to do with anti-climax perhaps. Paris will be wonderful for you and hopefully will have calmed down by then. I hope we can keep following each other. Best Wishes, Richard

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