Regular readers of The Sixwheeler Chronicles will know that I have a dog. She’s called Maude and this is her.


She’s a Border Terrier and like all BTs she’s very very very boisterous, also very happy and eternally optimistic. They’re fun dogs.

We live in the beautiful city of Bath and it’s great as lots of people in Bath have dogs so it’s a generally dog friendly place with many of the pubs, cafés and shops welcoming them and we also have plenty of open spaces for them to run.

I recently saw one shop where all the customers are routinely vetted by the resident dog before being allowed in; here he is on guard duty.


As I approached he came forward to greet me enthusiastically and he’s lovely. “Don’t worry” called the owner “he’s very friendly”.

” Isn’t he just” I replied “and very forward considering we’ve only just met” as I removed his nose from an enthusiastic investigation of my groin.

Dogs huh, don’t you just love them.

3 February 2015

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