Skye 2015 – 5 June

Last day of the holiday and yet again we wake up to lashing rain and howling wind, this year has not been an epic Skye trip. I remember a wetter one but this year has been so cold as well as wet and windy. Notwithstanding the weather people have managed to get out sometime every day but the drying room in the cottage has been very well used.

For my last day I needed a trip into Portree to look for some presents for Mrs Sixwheeler; I also uploaded a blog but it was so slow I’ll keep the rest until I get home as fast broadband appears unknown up here.

After shopping and a spot of lunch I headed back to the cottage to help out with preparations for a rather special dinner. Our club President, Jenny, has a rather special birthday today, I’ll not be embarrassing and say which one but the old girl keeps going on and on and she still leaves many of us standing on a walk. Tonight’s dinner is in her honour; there will be drinks, canapés, various curries, chocolate cake with cream and finally cheese! All to be prepared before she gets back and cleared up afterwards, and there will be balloons to blow up.

I have yo say that it all went very well and a good time was had by all. Thanks in particular to the cooks but everyone got roped in for something or other.

And so to bed, at the end of a convivial week in excellent company. The weather has been frightful for much of the time, but that’s always a risk on Skye at any time of year and anything you planned but didn’t get to do will still be there next time.

And so to bed.

2 thoughts on “Skye 2015 – 5 June

  1. Good walking, good company, good food and a birthday celebration! Sounds like a fun trip even without perfect weather.

    And I hope you realise that everyone now thinks Jenny is 80 :)

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