Tuscany 2015 – Part 2

Sorry not to have been blogging but it’s been so hot that it’s been making me lazy; as hot as in Kerala earlier in the year but without the humidity thank goodness.

So we get up late, read a lot, eat, lie by the pool, eat, eat that sort of thing that doesn’t make for interesting blogging. There has also been pursuit of a hoopoe but that’s been covered on Facebook along with some pictures.

Anyway before we go out to dinner, here are some photos:






Siena, Campo


Siena, Duomo


Abbazia do Sant Antelmo


Olive tree detail


Hoopoe, outside our bedroom this morning.

17 July 2015

One thought on “Tuscany 2015 – Part 2

  1. Italy is such a beautiful country – you are making me want to go back!

    If you get too fatigued, you can always post some food photos – no story necessary :)

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