Shopping in Bath

Following rain and cold during the week, the sun was shining this morning so Mrs Sixwheeler and I went into Bath for a spot of shopping. We started with coffee as in “I’ll buy you a coffee” said Mrs S but follows it up with “… but you’ll have to pay for it as I’ve no cash on me.” Nearly forty three years married and I still fall for it!

Thus fortified, on with the shopping. One of the delights of Bath is the number of independent shops which are delightful. We had a look round Instant Vintage which, among other things, sells quite the best bunting in town.


We carried on with bits and pieces and down by the Roman Baths Mrs S left me to watch a man up a fifteen foot pole


I had been promised pole dancing, or perhaps I misheard. Further down the hill in Southgate we came across one of our favourite busking acts ‘Out Of The Blues’ who we have been watching since they were schoolboys together. They’re older now and must be making some money as they’ve got new instruments; anyway they’re really good and play a mixture of jazz and blues.


Having enjoyed some excellent music from the depths of a deckchair it was touch and go if I could get up from, we headed home after a most enjoyable morning. Oh, and a little shopping was done too!

15 August 2015

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