Tenerife 2016 – Day 1

Early start from home to Bristol Airport but a speedy check in allowed time for a proper breakfast – see previous picture on Facebook/Twitter. Curiously the airport appeared to be overrun by ladies wearing traditional Welsh hats. No pictures I’m afraid, I bottled out of that.

Four hours seems a long time in an aeroplane but it is off the coast of Africa to our destination and it all went pretty well. Usual row with car hire company trying to flog me their expensive and unnecessary insurance, how I wish they’d just take NO as an answer, said very politely too.

Nice drive of contrasting scenery round to Puerto de la Cruz and to an hotel that we took lunch in about forty years ago. Seems comfortable enough but we do appear to be among the youngest guests!

Tired out after a day travelling, but here are a few evening shots around the hotel. I’ll try and do a bit better tomorrow.


Looking across to Orotava


Mrs Sixwheeler opposite the hotel.


The hotel swimming pools by night, no one swimming. Pfft.


Tonight’s entertainment. The one on the right looks like Harry Redknap (English football manager), I’ll try and get a better picture.

Now Mrs S is fast asleep beside me and that seems like a good idea. Until tomorrow then…

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