Tenerife 2016 – Days 7 and 8

It’s Thursday and that means it’s our last day in Tenerife; so there’s shopping to do. It also means a nice unhurried day.

After a nice unhurried breakfast we wandered out to the beach in front of the hotel where the local surf school is based.


I was looking across to the other side of the bay where the rollers were crashing into the cliffs, in one tiny Cove the rocks were causing a jet of walker to shoot backwards spectacularly into the air.


Eventually we wandered into town in search of coffee and nick backs, both tasks completed satisfactorily. I also looked at some of the local plants



that’s one of the famous Dragon Trees by the way. There’s not much to see by way of wild life but I did spot this very handsome crab in among the rocks at the timeline.


As it was our last day we spent the rest of the day relaxing, eating and drinking.

Friday morning was no rush as we had plenty of time before we needed to drive out to the airport where everything went smoothly, even returning the hire car.

Flight was on time and Bristol was a real shock; cold and damp. We collected the dog on the way home, who was beside herself with excitement to see us. And so back home; a lovely, warm, dry relaxing week; comfortable hotel with better food than I expected and no travel problems. But it’s always nice to get home.

22 March 2016

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