Newlyn 2017 – Day 2

There are certain things that never vary about our stays in Newlyn, morning and evening dog walks. Last night when Maude and I went out it was in the middle of a rain storm of biblical proportions. Fortunately I have plenty of wet weather gear to keep me dry and warm and Border Terriers have the most wonderful coat for the same purpose. During the night the rain continued along the same lines but by the time I got up this morning it had nearly stopped.

Our morning walk is always the same, down into the village to buy a newspaper at the Paper Shack; in Newlyn the papers are sold by a lovely old chap from a wooden shack down by the harbour. Maude particularly likes this as she remembers that he always has dog biscuits to give her, she scored two this morning.

By the time we’d had breakfast it was pouring again so we spent a sedentary morning reading until it stopped raining around lunchtime. We made a quick supermarket run for some essentials and a quick scurry round Penzance and then back for lunch. After this we headed up to Sennen Cove on the north coast. Just after we got onto the beach this came over

and flew along the beach until it disappeared over Cape Cornwall. Maude meanwhile was enjoying the beach

but we could see some bad weather coming so made a strategic retreat.

Along the coast we called in at St Just but didn’t stay long as we’ll be there another day and it was starting to rain, so back to Newlyn and a lovely warm and dry cottage. Eating in again tonight as tomorrow night we dine out and I’m really looking forward to that.

21 November 2016

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