From Bath to Calais to Le Mans

Monday 4 June 2018 and we actually managed to be packed and ready to go on time, this is unusual. Quite a nice day for a gentle drive down to the Channel Tunnel at Folkestone, in fact we got there in such good time we were able to catch a Shuttle an hour ahead of our booked time.

I really like the Channel Tunnel, it’s quick and there’s no risk of being seasick. Before we’d really had time to think about it we were rolling off and SatNav took us straight to our hotel, one of Calais’ Campaniles. We stowed our stuff in the room and made a reconnaissance to the Auchan hypermarket “Just to have a look round, it will save us time on the way home knowing where things are”. We also laid in a few neccessaries for our onward journey.

Campaniles are what they are, a chain of budget hotels stripped to the basics, however we were given a warm welcome, a clean and comfortable room, free parking and a perfectly decent dinner and breakfast so no complaints from us. And we’re ready, in France for a prompt start in the morning.

After an excellent night’s sleep the alarm went off at 06h30 so I rolled over and turned it off; next thing I knew it was ten to eight! Anyway we managed to be up, breakfasted, packed and away by 09h00 on the dot.

I won’t pretend that today has been exciting, it was always going to be a transit day and we had five hours driving in often appalling conditions of rain and spray to Le Mans for the night.

I remember pre SatNav days trying to find hotels in French towns; I even recall Mrs Sixwheeler driving along with me in the passenger seat using binoculars to try and spot the hotel ahead whilst juggling a street map at the same time. Yes, I am able to multi-task! Now Madam Garmin obliges and took us straight to our Ibis hotel for the night. Slightly more up-market than the Campanile it has a picture on the wall.

The receptionist kindly suggested a local restaurant, the Bellifontain, for dinner and now I really feel that I’m in France following an excellent dinner. First of many I hope.

I’ve not taken any photos yet, travel and rain don’t encourage you to stop and snap but I hope that will change soon. One more day driving and not a great weather forecast; I’ll be happy to stop moving for a few days.

5 June 2018

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