In Bordeaux – First Day

There is always much excitement about the first day spent in a new city and our first day in Bordeaux was no exception. Fortified by breakfast we set out to explore and the first good thing is that Bordeaux has trams and Mrs Sixwheeler loves a good tram.

We can catch a Ligne C tram a couple of minutes away from the hotel outside the St. Jean railway station and it soon whips us along the bank of the River Garonne in front of some wonderful ‘belle epoque’ buildings. We had walked some way along here last night and found a shop selling brass instruments ( I quite fancy a French Horn) and a bit further along was a Luthier, both in lovely old buildings.

We got off the tram in an area if shady plane trees just by a huge open space with this column

and then continued along by the Opera House

and onto the rue Sainte Catherine; dead straight and shops on both sides!

We look a side turning for a coffee break and to visit the Cathédrale Saint-André, which we found a touch dull although I did like the wry look one of the bishops by the door was giving

and the campanile next door had a very impressive Madonna shining in the sunshine.

We continued our walk which pretty much took us right across the western part of the city and back in towards the centre again. We found a very nice spot for a really good value ‘Formule Midi’ lunch and some much needed beer. After lunch we carried on walking and made our way back down to the river bank to the Place de la Bourse with its magnificent fountain

and where they also have a Miroir d’Eau. This is a flat area opposite the Place which they flood so that you can look at the reflection of the buildings on the water. When we arrived all the jets were spraying a mist of water which looked magical and children of all ages were running about in it, then they flooded the water back in to create the mirror but sadly there was too much wind to get a flat surface but here it is anyway.

Hopped onto a tram back to the hotel to drink tea and rest our feet before going just round the corner for dinner on a lovely warm evening sitting outside to eat. And then it rained, quite hard, thank heavens for awnings.

So we really enjoyed our first day exploring Bordeaux and are agreed that we can’t understand why we didn’t come here sooner.

7 June 2018

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