I’m back!

Hello, remember me? I used to blog about our travels and some people out there were kind enough to follow my ramblings and some of you even went so far as to say that you enjoyed them.

Then it all stopped. In 2020 Covid-19 reared its ugly head and all our travel plans went out of the window; we stayed at home for over a year and for much of that we were only allowed out to walk the dog. Then at the end of 2020 the vaccination programme started and things began to ease; in time things started to open up and I found that I had become extremely anxious about going out at all and mixing with crowds of other people. We went to a concert in Bristol and I felt nauseous all day then I went to a rugby match in Bath and things began to get better, but slowly. More restrictions came off so in November 2021, fully vaccinated and boosted, we went to Paris, and it was just wonderful; nice hotel, great food and amazing weather….and it probably saved our sanity. Then Omicron arrived and it was all there again and we were keeping ourselves mostly away from other people as the infection rates soared, schools closed but our government said not to worry because it wasn’t as serious as the Delta Variant and most people had been vaccinated and so it went on until our beloved leader proclaimed that it was all over and that the rising numbers going into hospital was all in our imagination and that we now had Freedom Day and could do whatever we liked, meanwhile the grandchildren were back home schooling because of the number of teachers off with Covid.

By now we were fed up with Covid and cold, wet weather so we decided to take a break and we wanted to be somewhere that would be comfortably warm, interesting and has good food so yesterday we arrived in Marrakech in Morocco a city we have enjoyed visiting previously and we are looking forward to a week of Rest and Recreation but mostly rest. And of course I will be back to blogging about it hopefully with stories, food, pictures and Doors of the Day but first I have to get my head round WordPress once more as the appear to have changed the way it works since I was last here.

Anyway, a new start is a good thing and I hope that you will join us on our adventures. It’s good to be back!

Richard x

27 March 2022

3 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Great stuff Richard. Wonderful that we are now able to read your bardic efforts and it does brighten even a sunny and warm day back in Blighty. Keep up the good work!


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