12 Montpellier Rest Day (1)

I doubt that much could be nicer than a fine early autumn day in Montpellier.
No rush to get up; a leisurely breakfast and some time spent in preparation and off I go.

To the Tourist Office for a map, then a coffee as I needed a table to fold it on.

First stop was the pilgrim church of St Roch; charming but the office was closed. I think pilgrims are expected to arrive in the afternoon.

By way of the Palais de Justice and an Arc de Triomph to the Place Royal with walkways shaded by lime trees and an aqueduct. Then to the Jardin des Plantes where the shade was much appreciated. Lovely gardens but some serious weeding is badly needed.

Tried to get into the cathedral, with it’s magnificent towered entrance, but it was closed. For lunch. Hem!

Sandwich and a beer sitting in the shade and some serious people watching. Then back to the hotel as I have work to do

And I’ve done it. The rest of the walk’s stages have been worked out; nothing too long as it should start to get more interesting from here. Also I have booked my accommodation for Monday and Tuesday nights. This by phone and email and I’m waiting for an answer about Wednesday. Also booked last night hotel back in  Montpellier. Work well done I hope.

Time for some food so back to town centre for Moules Frites followed by Fromage Blanc. Note: NOT apple tart as I have had comments. You know who you are – I’m looking at you Mondaywords!

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