21 Cornwall

I love the drive to Cornwall and from Bath it’s even easier than before. A gentle cruise down the M5 is easy on a Sunday in November; through the Mendips, across the Somerset Levels and into Devon. Beyond Exeter the road is more challenging,more bends and a lot of up and down particularly as the road skirts the North of Dartmoor. Then over the border into Cornwall and suddenly the place names get interesting; Broadwoodwidger, Indian Queens – you couldn’t make them up. And finally beyond Bodmin the road seems to slant downwards towards West Pemwith and we roll into Penzance. And it’s raining!

Mrs Sixwheeler was born and raised on the Isles of Scilly, a group of small islands twenty miles South West of Lands End so literally the last outpost of England. The Scillies are inhabited by brigands, wreckers, smugglers and general n’ere do wells.

Obviously Mrs Sixwheeler is above such things and actually went to school in Penzance at a time when the pupils flew between the islands and the mainland at the start and finish of each term in a De Havilland Rapide, a bi-plane.

Every now and then she feels the urge to visit old stomping grounds, hence our trip to Penzance now. There is an hotel here called The Abbey (www.theabbeyonline
co.uk) which she has hankered after staying at for years; we checked and they do allow dogs, so here we are – the three of us – for a short stay. Hopefully for some good food, some interesting walks and some good runs on the beach for Maude.

The hotel is very comfortable and we’ve had afternoon tea in front of a roaring fire. We’re booked at The Navy Inn for dinner tonight so all we need now is for it to stop raining. Please.

And so, after a brief rest and walking the dog, it finally stopped raining. We headed off the Navy Inn on Queen Street (www.navyinn.co.uk) for dinner. This was an unknown quantity but it had been recommended and booked for us by our hotel. The Navy Inn is a pub with a restaurant, just a few tables and we were welcomed and given a table by the bar.

We are in Penzance, so expect fish and fish we had. Mrs S had the pan fried plaice followed by clobe brulée; I had roast cod followed by chocolate trio with cherry coulis. All the food was delicious and beautifully presented. Here is my cod:


and here is my pudding:


We liked the Navy Inn and may well return, they do a ‘Pie of the Day’ and I do enjoy a good pie. Nice people and not ridiculously expensive.

Walked back to The Abbey where Mrs S watched Downton Abbey and I took Maude for another walk. It’s blowing a right hooley. And it’s raining. Again.

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