365 Project – Day 26

Last summer I spent two weeks walking the first part of the Arles Way Camino route in the South of France. I enjoyed beautiful weather and some wonderful meals on my way. I was blogging each day about my experiences and was rebuked by one of my daughters for going on too much about the food; I think this was mainly envy by the way. Here we are nearly one month into this 365 Project and no mention of food to date, until today.

Mrs Sixwheeler has been keen to try a new recipe for ‘Beef in Beer’. Beef, beer, what’s not to like? Yesterday at the Bath Farmers’ Market we bought some very nice looking Aberdeen Angus beef and today was the day for the new recipe. We like to cook together so my contribution to the ingredients was a bottle of beer from my collection and my contribution to the cooking was to open said bottle of beer. I’m also in charge of lifting the heavy casserole dish in and out of the oven but the main contribution to the meal today was from Mrs S.

The dish is served with slices of french bread covered in Gruyere cheese as you would with French Onion Soup and the end result was delicious, the beef in particular being tender and very tasty. And there’s enough left over to have some more tomorrow!

Beef in Beer.

2626 January 2014

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