365 Project – Day 25

OK, so I’ve bought a new camera. I like buying new cameras like some ladies like buying shoes, coats, frocks etc., but I like buying new cameras. In fairness I got a good deal by part exchanging and old camera I’ve not been using and that pleases me no end. It means is that I now have a fairly sophisticated camera that is small enough for there never to be an excuse for not having a camera about my person.

This one does all manner of clever things that I need to learn about and I dare say that in time some of them will put in an appearance in this project; so look out for them.

Today we have had the pleasure of the company of ‘Number 3’ granddaughter (Nelly) for the day. We need to entertain her which is easy as she is a bright little thing who will have a go at most things; but she particularly likes goats, so we took her to Bath City Farm to see the goats.

Bath City Farm is an urban farm on the hill above Twerton Park Football Ground in Bath and is one of those wonderful establishments that gives kids (of all sizes) the opportunity to see and touch farm animals. It is supported by donations and staffed by volunteers and there is always something going on; we like it enormously and think that it is an excellent idea.

So while Granny took ‘Number 3’ to look at goats I went and talked to a large Gloucester Old Spot and took this panorama looking out over the beautiful city of Bath.

25By the way the Bath City Farm prides itself in having THE best view of Bath so is worth visiting for that alone.

25 January 2014

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