365 Project – Day 32

I may just possibly be getting a tiny bit fixated by the weather. I’m well aware that we British are naturally obsessed by weather and that someone once said of Great Britain that we don’t have a climate we just have weather, but, it really has been dreadful.

After a drive to the Lake District yesterday that was made “difficult” by the weather conditions; after getting wet last night going to the pub where I also put my foot into a snow covered but water filled pot hole; I had high hopes that today might be a little better. I was wrong.

We did see the sun this morning for about two minutes but by the time I had decided to go out for a walk it was awful and from then on it got worse. So I turned round, headed back to the cottage, boosted up the fire, made a cup of tea and read a good book.

In a brief moment when it was neither raining nor snowing I took this rather dismal picture of the view from the front door of the cottage (just inside actually) which I hope captures the desolate nature of the day.

321 February 2014

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