365 Project – Day 47

Oh my; goodness me! We have woken to clear skies and sunshine. And it has lasted all day.

It’s not dry enough to do any gardening but we did spend some time picking up leaves and rubbish and generally tidying and sweeping. The garden looks much better for our having done this.

When we had finished it was even warm enough to sit up on the terrace and have a sandwich and a glass of beer for lunch.

Here is Maude sitting in the sun in a most inelegant manner. Keeping her parts warm but very unladylike!


On a completely separate matter, I took this photo on my new Lumix LF1 camera then downloaded the image onto my smartphone using WiFi and have written this blog on the phone. I knew it could be done and I’ve done it. Now I have to work out just how I did it and if I can do it again!

16 February 2014

2 thoughts on “365 Project – Day 47

  1. Gorgeous girl, don’t blame her for warming every square inch after the last two months.

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