365 Project – Day 61

Today has been one of the highlights of the year in Bath as it saw the annual running of the Bath Half Marathon. According to BBC Points West there were over eleven thousand starters, thirty thousand spectators and the sum raised for charities exceeded two and a half million pounds. All this is very good indeed considering what a cold and rainy day it has been.

Because of my knee I am unable to run, let alone run a half marathon but I participated vicariously by employing someone else to run on my behalf. Actually I sponsored my friend Gemma who was running on behalf of Papworth Hospital and has raised an excellent amount of sponsorship for them. So well done all the “Bath Halfers” and well done Gemma.

Here are some of them running not long after the start.

61Incidentally I must just mention that as the leading runners came past us about eight minutes from the start some of them already looked to be on their last knockings; hope they were all OK. And in particular I must say well done to all the young women who were not only running but had gone to the trouble of doing their full make up before starting. Glad that standards are not dropping here in Bath.

02 March 2014

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