365 Project – Day 62

On the recommendation of our friends at edwardsdorsetdays we visited the Dorset town of Sherborne. This is about fifty miles from us and for about forty of those we drove through, well, nowhere at all. This corner of the West Country really is empty apart from farms and villages that you pass through and would miss if you sneezed. And on the whole we think that this is a good thing; charming countryside but everywhere so, so wet. We left Bath in sunshine and by the time we arrived in Sherborne we had endured torrential rain and sleet but we arrived and it was looking brighter. Sherborne has excellent car parking and you can park for the whole day for less than you can pay for an hour in Bath!

We went straight to the Abbey for which Sherborne is best known. A beautiful and compact former Benedictine abbey which was founded under the Saxons – so very, very old. It has the most wonderful fan vaulted ceiling and some very fine stained glass. Altogether an interesting and beautiful building. Just outside the abbey are some pretty old alms houses and the whole precinct around the abbey has attractive buildings. There is also a sundial on the wall which I was sorry to see was about ten minutes slow, until I examined the photograph I took and it is spot on. Phew!

After the abbey we took a stroll up Cheap Street which is the main street in the town and has some interesting shops and we ended up right at the top of the road for lunch in the Bakery Cafe which was delicious and very reasonably priced. On reflection I’m not altogether sure that spiced bean casserole was a good idea but it was very tasty.

Here is the sundial showing the right time.


03 March 2014

2 thoughts on “365 Project – Day 62

  1. Sounds like you had an interesting day. We have not tried The Bakery Cafe yet, will look it up next time we are in Sherborne. Can’t remember a Quiet Street there, though. Is it a euphemism by any chance? Monday can’t have been very busy…

    Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2014 19:38:23 +0000 To: lana_edwards@hotmail.co.uk

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