365 Project – Day 215

Today we have spent the day in the Cotswolds and I have an interesting piece of history to share with you.

We visited the village of Stanton which must be one of the most photographed in England, it seems to be a permanent fixture on scenic calendars. I first visited the village back in my Morris Dancing days as it has a very nice pub, The Mount, which offered good food and beer and it still does.

After visiting The Mount for a spot of lunch we parked down in the village and went to the delightful little parish church of Saint Michael and All Angels. This church is a little rural gem set just off the High Street tucked away surrounded by a lovely old cemetery. I mention that it is small as many places in the Cotswolds have churches much bigger than would seem proportionate to the locality. These are the famous “wool churches” built at the time when the Cotswolds were an enormous sheep walk supplying the cloth trade.

Where you get sheep you get shepherds and in those times we were all more religious and the shepherds went to church wherever they were passing; and they took their sheepdogs to church with them.

In Stanton church right at the back there remain about three very old pews and on the pew ends you can still see the grooves worn into the wood where the shepherds tied up their dogs during the services.


No dogs in the congregation now, but I’m pleased that the church was open when so many are locked up these days and also that Maude was welcome on the churchyard. Thank you Stanton.

3 August 2014

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