365 Project – Day 304



Today is Halloween which was originally a British thing which lost popularity but is now back with a vengeance as an American import. The reason for Halloween’s decline is that we started celebrating Guy Fawkes Night (aka Bonfire Night) on November 5th, of which more next week.

Last year I bought the most awful fright mask and nearly scared my granddaughters Olive and Nell out of their wits; this year I discovered that Mrs Sixwheeler has confiscated it, so I decided to carve a Jack O’Lantern from a pumpkin. Yesterday I carved it. Many years ago I was trained as a butcher (although I never followed this as a career) so I use sharp knives and am very safety conscious of safety with knives. All was going well, carefully cutting away from me, until the last bit of getting the lid off. I changed my grip, the knife went through and I ended up in the Accident and Emergency Department of our local hospital.

Actually I had stopped the bleeding before I left home and walked to the hospital but I did need it to be checked in case it needed stitches. It didn’t, only SteriStrips and I got teased a lot as their first Halloween casualty this year. Today I looked at a video on carving pumpkins and can see where I went wrong, I should have had parental supervision!

This is my lantern which Olive and Nell liked very much and which also attracted other ‘Trick Or Treaters’.

31 October 2014

We’re away next week in the land beyond Broadband so I will upload my blogs as and when I can, please be patient.

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