365 Project – Day 330


Concrete Cows.

Yes folks, we’ve been to Milton Keynes.

Today we visited our daughter in Bedfordshire and went with her and two granddaughters to Milton Keynes to see the Christmas lights. And some concrete cows.

Milton Keynes is a town in Buckinghamshire created as an overspill for people from London. There are positive things to say about MK but it is sometimes best known for and usually ridiculed for its concrete cows. These were a modern group sculpture created in the late 1970s but it caught on with the media, social commentators and comedians to represent the worst of the new town.

Based in a small park some way from the centre they fell into disrepair and people couldn’t see or find them so when the extension was built to the shopping centre some were refurbished and !moved there. As you can see they are currently sharing their enclosure with reindeer made from twigs, it’s all a bit surreal!

27 November 2014

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