365 Project – Day 331


Slammin’ Sam.

At last, after about nine months waiting, we finally got to see ‘Slammin’ Sam Burgess run out for Bath Rugby. This is BIG news, at least in Bath.

Sam Burgess is the latest in a line of players to switch code from Rugby League to Rugby Union. It was a great coup when Bath Rugby announced that they had signed him from Russell Crowe’s South Sidney Rabbitohs to come to Bath in the autumn. Since then Burgess has gone with the Rabbitohs to the final of the championship in Australia which they won, Burgess was Man of the Match and through which he played with a broken cheek bone.

Following surgery and recovery he has been training and learning the new code of Union. We weren’t expecting to see him quite yet but he played tonight for about the final half hour against Harlequins. He’s certainly very keen and looks as though he’s the real deal but a wet Friday night in Bath wasn’t easy for him.

Most importantly we beat ‘Quins 25:6 and got a bonus point.

3 thoughts on “365 Project – Day 331

    • Hah! We’re happy to welcome Sam BACK to the UK but I’m sure that what he’s learned down under has improved him as a player just sorry for the ‘Bunnies’ loss; but they have got his three brothers though. Frankly we’ve to wait and see if he will change codes successfully, not everyone does. As for last night the excitement was palpable when he went on where a cold, wet Bath evening must have been a bit of a culture shock; this morning’s press generally very positive so clearly a good start.

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