India 2015 – Day 13 Idleness

Oh my word, we wake to another day of heat and humidity, so better make the best of it. Since you ask my shoulders are a little better but not much; I must take extra care not to over do things.

The breakfasts here are really rather good with plenty of choice from the international menu or a curry if you’re up to it! You can even have bacon and eggs if you are so inclined but as I don’t at home nowadays user no reason to here. This is also the nicest time of day to linger over eating.

We headed off for a wander on the beach where one of the local fishermen was sorting out his nets,


the tide was a little bit lower than our last visit as we paddled in the surf.


We were sharing the shoreline with some locals



but it was getting very hot under foot so we headed into the coconut grove to find some shade. The coconut grove covers a large open area between the seashore and the main buildings; this is proper coconut palms

and I’m glad this didn’t land on my head!

In fact in important areas where people are likely to gather, like outside reception, they have installed baskets round the tops of the trees to catch any falling coconuts.

In the grove among the trees are sun loungers and even some hammocks;

you have a little flag on a pole that you can put up if you need anything. Apparently. We were happy to share our little bit of shade with the locals

In the end though, despite our valiant efforts sustained by chilled glasses of freshly crushed pineapple juice, the heat became too much and we retreated to our little cottage with its air conditioning and ceiling fan; only to emerge after dark for dinner.

Did I mention that our cottage has an outside bathroom? By this I don’t mean an earth closet at the end of the garden but a proper bathroom with a shower, hand basin and loo in the open air. Well actually open to the air is more accurate and all the cottages have them; local custom apparently. Anyway here’s a view of ours

it’s very nice and obviously works here but I can’t see it catching on in Bath.

22 March 2015

3 thoughts on “India 2015 – Day 13 Idleness

  1. Sounds like you’re chilling out nicely!! How would the bathroom be in a storm? Would you stay dry on the loo? Are there any gheckos?

    • The bathroom is mostly under the eaves of the palm leaf roof so adequately protected, you could sit on the throne and enjoy the monsoon falling through the open bit; it’s really rather nice. Have to say I might not recognise a ghecko, they’re all to rare in North East Somerset! I haven’t actually seen anything at all like I imagine a ghecko to be. I did go out in the middle of the night and could here something eating the roof though.

      • Usually you can hear them making eh-eh noises. they are like small translucent salamanders, about 10cm long and quite cute – and they eat mosquitos!!

        It is nice to have something completely different – like the outdoor bathroom – while you are on holidays. I don’t know if it is that it provides a constant reminder that you are in fact away from home, somewhere exotic…

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