Skye 2015 – 31 May

I was not surprised to wake up in the night to hear the wind roaring outside and rain rattling on the windows, so I rolled over and went back to sleep. By morning nothing much had changed which justified a lie in, at least it did to me.

The wet and horrible morning provided an opportunity to update my blog and upload some photos but eventually the weather cleared through and at last the sun came out so a walk had to be done.

I set off to walk along the side of the loch and the first thing I noticed was the beautiful gorse in full bloom.


Gorse is a particular favourite of Mrs Sixwheeler and this was particularly good and was giving off a wonderful vanilla smell.

I continued down yo the beach and had a chat with my old friend Bob who was busy fishing for his supper but we had to keep retreating as the tide was coming in and eventually I set off along the coastal path.

It’s a good and well worn path but with several streams to cross which following the rain were in spate which can make them interesting to cross.


Eventually I decided I’d had enough, my knees are in a shocking state at the moment, so I turned round and there’s a fine view back towards Glenbrittle.


And if you look closely you can see Bob still fishing. If you can’t see him ……….


…… that’s him there.

By now I could see the weather was changing so headed back but not quickly enough to miss a big wet squall, at least I saw it coming in time to put my waterproofs on and there’s a good drying room in the cottage.

One thought on “Skye 2015 – 31 May

  1. Hope your knees don’t stop you walking – it’s far too beautiful to not be out enjoying, although I could probably just sit in photo 3 all day and be quite happy!

    The yellow gorse was blooming in France as well. I always thought that was a yellow version of heather (since we have neither gorse or heather here in Australia) so glad you clarified that :)

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