Skye 2015 – 1 June

Didn’t it rain
Yeah, yeah Lord
Didn’t it rain ….

Actually first things first; too late for last night’s blog but in the evening it rained, the sun was still shining, and this happened.


But back to today. First thing wasn’t too bad although there had been rain and wind overnight. People were up and about early: having breakfast, packing bags and planning trips.

I had agreed with Bob (him of the fishing) that I would take him and Pam for a short walk to the lighthouse at Neist Point, the most westerly point on Skye. Pam has been a bit poorly recently so wanted something gentle. Neist Point is famous for wildlife and flora with lots of opportunities for bird watching or whale spotting.

As it turned out the wind was blowing, very, very hard and constantly. This made progress difficult, conversation shouted and it was chilly as well. So we walked out past the point


and on to the lighthouse


and then retreated in full haste.

By the time we got back to the car it was, officially, raining so we made a strategic retreat to Ceiteag’s, a vintage Scottish Tearoom where we enjoyed a very nice lunch which Bob and I finished off with a dessert of Klootie Dumpling as we were assured that Klooties are in season at the moment. It was delicious and I was going to include a photo, but this happened…


By the time we left the rain was well set in with no sign of it abating; Bob had checked the weather forecast, which is dreadful so we popped into the shop at Portree, had some tea and cake and went back to the cottage.

This is what you do on Skye when the weather is this bad. Any fool can be uncomfortable and it may get better as the week goes on.

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