Skye 2015 – 2 June

In the middle of the night the wind was raging and it was lashing down with rain; by morning, contrary to expectations, it was dry and calm. Thank goodness.

I had decided to visit the Point of Sleat; yesterday was the most western point on Skye and today it’s the most southern, there’s a pattern emerging here; and I was to be accompanied by old friends Morag and Maryke – both occasional visitors to the Sixwheeler Chronicles so I’ll have to watch what I say.

A longish drive to the south of Skye, parked the car and set off on a good track and still no rain or wind. After a couple of miles we left the track to follow a path of sorts across horrible boggy moorland but eventually we arrived at this beautiful bay


where there were Oyster Catchers flying about, seals on the rockd and lots of lovely Sea Pinks, known as Thrift, it’s another of Mrs Sixwheeler’s favourites so this is for her.


There was also a lot of unusual red filigree seaweed on the beach in a deep red colour.


After a break enjoying the situation we had to climb up a steep wet gulley back onto the moor before descending to cross the spit to the headland. I’ve promised to protect Morag and Maryke’s anonymity but here they are on the descent.


Finally round the headland and up again to reach Point of Sleat with its navigation light.


After a look around we retreated to a sheltered spot for lunch before retracing our steps to the car by which time, once again, it was raining steadily.

A stop at the café in Broadford for a hot drink and back to the cottage to end a delightful day in good company. Tomorrow the most northerly point on Skye? We’ll have to wait and see what the weather’s doing as its the major influence on activities this year.

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