Skye 2015 – 3 June


It has become a tradition in recent years for the Aylesbury Climbing Club to buy beer when we have our annual Scottish Meet. Members enjoy a drink and make a contribution towards the cost of the beer; this produces a profit above the cost which we then donate to the local mountain rescue team. Everyone’s a winner!

We had bought three boxes of beer, each containing thirty six pints of beer to be shared amongst the twenty of us on the meet; this should normally just about see out the week. This year has been different as the foul weather has meant that more time has been spent in the cottage so more beer has been drunk; in fact we were running out. This is a disaster so today I volunteered to drive up to the Skye Brewery at Uig to collect extra supplies.

It’s a long round trip so I made a day of it and an extra two boxes have been delivered to the cottage and all will be well for the rest of the week. Phew, what a narrow escape!

As a postscript I am very happy to report that as a result of the unstinting devotion to duty by the dedicated members of the Aylesbury Climbing Club on Skye this year, 180 pints of Skye Brewery beer were consumed and as a result £125 was donated to the Glen Brittle Mountain Rescue Team.

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