Tenerife 2016 – Day 5

Midway through the week and needed a break from all the touristy stuff so I took Mrs Sixwheeler shopping. She’d expressed an interest to investigate the differences between Zara shops in Spain and Zara shops in the UK.

Thanks to the wonder of the internet I had located the Zara stores in Santa Cruz together with the nearest car park; SatNav took us straight there without any bother.

The commercial part of Santa Cruz is rather nice with modern buildings and plenty of space between them. After a coffee we headed into one commercial centre and did the shopping thing, shoes since you ask, and then moved on. El Corte Inglés is a chain of traditional department stores in Spain and often worth a poke round but this time we just headed up to their restaurant for a decent spot of lunch. Then headed back to the hotel.

Spent a delightful afternoon by the pool getting a bit of sun, it was a simply gorgeous day, and reading. This is the life.

After supper we walked along the strip from the hotel which is all restaurants and bars but down by the harbour we could hear drumming, which on investigation proved to be about a dozen guys playing bugles and drums. As they were not wearing uniforms it wasn’t clear who or what they were, but it was a diversion.

On the way back one of the bars that normally has the most God awful singers had a local folkloric group who played, sang and danced. They were very good and explained which of the Canary Islands each song was from and some of the tradition behind it. This was both entertaining and informative and I wish our hotel would learn from it as the entertainment here is absolutely dire.

Off for a second bite at Teide tomorrow, but here’s a photo of the sea pounding the rocks just outside our hotel.


16 March 2016

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