Brittany 2017 – 3     Into the gloom…

As it’s been raining steadily since about one-thirty this morning we indulged in a late breakfast in the hotel. And as it was showing no sign of letting up we decided to go for a drive.

We headed towards the town of Crozon which sits on a peninsula opposite the port of Brest and our drive took us through countryside very similar in appearance to the area around The Lizard in Cornwall, as this area of Finisterre is called Cournouailles I don’t think the similarity is too surprising. Anyway they do grow an awful lot of maize around here, in fact it’s amazing. *titter*

When we got to Crozon it was chucking it down with rain so we pressed on to Camaret-sur-Mer where it had eased a bit but was still not very promising. 

But we found some shelter in a little restaurant by the harbour where they certainly didn’t stint me when I ordered lamb cutlets.

After lunch the rain had eased off so we walked round the harbour where there were plenty of modern yachts but along one wall a row of abandoned fishing boats looked a very sad sight. 

There is an island at the end of the quay with a delightful seamens’ chapel, Notre Dame de Rocamadour  

as well as the Tour Vauban built in 1689 to defend the approaches to Brest.

As it was now starting to rain again we headed back to the car and set off with the air-conditioning going flat out to clear condensation and dry out wet feet and legs.

On the way back to Quimper I noticed a sign to the village of St Fiacre and if time and weather had allowed I would have liked to visit there. The only reason for this is that I happen to know that St Fiacre is the patron saint of haemorrhoid sufferers and that in the Middle Ages piles were colloquially known as “St Fiacre’s Figs”. “How on earth do you know stuff like that?” asked Mrs Sixwheeler but to be honest I have no idea. 

4 September 2017

One thought on “Brittany 2017 – 3     Into the gloom…

  1. Hello Richard (sixwheeler),
    I answered your Pieterpad question on Nadine’s blog (“Nadine walks”). Enjoy your next trip(s)!

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