Bayonne – Third Day

After the watery awfulness of yesterday we went to bed hoping for better things to come. Waking a couple of times during the night I noticed that……… had stopped raining. When we got up this morning it was still not raining. Then, in the middle of breakfast, it chucked it down all over again! This weather is becoming just a little bit tiresome.

Having dawdled over our breakfast and then dawdled a bit more it finally just about stopped raining so we set off on damp streets

to get on with the main challenge of the day, which was shopping. We did this most successfully and also found and explored some other parts of Bayonne that we’d not visited previously. I really can’t think of much that is interesting or amusing about shopping other than to say that it was successful and that we met some lovely shopkeepers.

Tomorrow we start heading home, Bayonne has proved really much nicer than we might have expected with such awful weather, it’s a very pretty town. Here are a selection of photos taken in very poor light so I hope that they do Bayonne proud.

13 June 2018

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