To Poitiers

Unbelievably it’s another day without rain as we set off to head home; our first stop on the return journey is to be Poitiers, a city we’ve passed by before but a convenient place for us to break our homeward journey.

To be honest it was a simple reversal of our outward journey except that this time we could actually see where we were going. The first section takes you across Les Landes, so miles of flat ground covered in pine forest. Past Bordeaux it becomes more agricultural and more undulating but the roads were pretty clear so we managed to make good progress and arrived at our hotel in Poitiers mid-afternoon.

We dropped off our bags and headed out into Poitiers which appears to be a nice relaxed places with a magnificent Hotel de Ville

good pedestrian shopping streets

and some very pretty wild flower gardens.

Mrs Sixwheeler was keen to see the cathedral, which is a little way out from the city centre, and here are some views of it.

On the way back we noticed that Poitiers has beasts on the streets

as well as on the Hotel de Ville

and some well decorated balconies.

I feel compelled to mention that for dinner at the bistro opposite our hotel I had steak from a Salers cow and it was utterly delicious.

14 June 2018

One thought on “To Poitiers

  1. I’m glad Penny dragged you out to the cathedral, I’m sure there wasn’t too much complaining. The artwork on the ceiling is always a treat :)

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