To Rouen, in search of King Richard.

Curiously we left Poitiers in the rain, this is becoming a habit. It eventually cleared and we actually had sunshine for the last part of our journey. Knowing that our hotel in Rouen didn’t have any parking I phoned ahead for the location of the nearest public parking, Googled it for coordinates and let SatNav take us straight there.

Our hotel is a very interesting half timbered building just behind the cathedral, quaint sums it up I think; this is the breakfast room.

So we just dropped off our bags and went straight out to explore the very historic streets.

We managed to dodge past the Jeanne d’Arc experience (she’s EVERYWHERE in Rouen and on everything) as we headed for the cathedral.

Spectacular isn’t in it, it really is huge and very intricately decorated. I could do a whole photo blog on it but here are just a few pictures to give a feel for the place.

As we were walking round a familiar sound came echoing through the church, English voices singing Bunyan’s “To Be A Pilgrim” and it was lovely. Investigation showed a service being held in English in a chapel, if they were pilgrims I really don’t know but would be very happy if they were.

Just near this chapel we found him; King Richard I, Richard the Lionheart, King of England. Or at least his tomb, or actually the tomb of his heart which was preserved and buried here. His entrails were buried at Châlus-Chabrol where he died and his body at Fontevaud Abbey in Anjou at the foot of his father’s (Henry II) tomb. Not much peace even in death in those days it seems. Here’s his tomb.

Anyway it’s a magnificent and interesting building and we really enjoyed visiting it. And here’s a great little Scottie dog we met on the way back to the hotel.

This blog may have to wait until we get home to be published. Last night in an historic building where I expected little I found the fastest internet connection I’ve ever used, tonight in a modern hotel it’s little better than dial-up; some hotels need to be ashamed of themselves, it’s easy to do but you need to commit to doing it.

15 June 2018

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