Cornwall – 2 November 2014

We were a little weary today, a mixture of travel and a strange bed I think; so we’ve just been around Newlyn today in the sunshine or dodging the showers.

Newlyn is still a working port


with a fishing fleet and a big fish wholesale market. In the picture you can also see the Penlee Lifeboat on its mooring ready for action.

The town is a mixture of big residential houses and rows of old fishermen’s cottages with pretty little alleyways between them.


From the cottage we look out across Mounts Bay and can see St Michael’s Mount in the distance


looking slightly to the left we see the town of Penzance


where Mrs Sixwheeler went to school. When we were out in the car we drove up to where her school had been and it’s still there and still a school. Incidentally as she lived on the Isles of Scilly she had to cross to the mainland to her boarding school which she did in a biplane, those were the days!

Later on we saw the Pendeen Watch pilot’s gig out training with a ladies crew coming back into harbour


hotly pursued by the Penlee Lifeboat returning from an exercise.


3 thoughts on “Cornwall – 2 November 2014

  1. That pretty lane way reminds me of my photos from France.

    I just Google Mapped the Isles of Scilly. That’s amazing, I’m glad the school was still there. I’d love to know what it was like growing up somewhere like that? Does Mrs Sixwheeler have a blog?

    • Mrs Sixwheeler has heard of blogs and says I spend too much time on mine! I don’t see her starting one soon, which is a shame.

      She and her sisters went to a secondary boarding school in Penzance and would fly there and back for each term/holiday. They flew in a de Havilland Rapids aircraft (Google it, they were amazing) however bad the weather they always flew to get them home but at start of term used any excuse not to fly that day. Those were the days.

      • That’s a shame. It sounds like she has some fascinating stories to share!

        (Not sure I would have gotten in that plane in bad weather.)

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